About Me... - Ruedi Mosimann

Hi, and welcome to my way of seeing the world around me.

Born in Switzerland I moved to New Zealand in 1997 and am now based in the top of the South Island.

I love to explore and observe the landscapes and wildlife of the backcountry in New Zealand. Come along with me and explore what Kiwi Nature has to offer. I would like to show you some of the amazing and stunning moments in time I have experienced during my pursuit to catch the perfect light.

For most of my images, careful planning is the starting point for a successful end result. Then in the field, proper and sometimes complex techniques are essential to record the full dynamic range or to get everything from fore- to the background in focus. This means that I will sometimes do several exposures, eg. one for the foreground, one for the background and one for flowing water. It is also possible that the camera cannot handle enough depth of field without losing detail. Then I would take several shots at different focal points and later combine them on the computer.

With my images, I always try to reproduce the scene as close as possible as I had seen it with my eyes. This is done via RAW conversion in an effort to pull out the best colors, contrast, and detail. Then the different exposures (if needed) are blended manually in Photoshop. It is important to understand that no amount of post-processing can turn a badly exposed or out of focus image into a good one, nor can you ever recover a bad composition.

Post-processing in the old days of film was also done, however it took a lot more time to do so. Nowadays with Photoshop, this happens just much faster. Therefore I do not consider using post-processing as cheating, but to bring the best possible result to you, the viewer. There is, however,  indeed a fine line between pulling out the optimum from a RAW file and pushing it too far, so images look overdone or simply unbelievable. My aim will always be not to cross that line.

I hope you enjoyed browsing through my images and should you have some questions or a comment, please click the Contact tab on the menu to send me an e-mail.

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